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What is included with the Membership?

From the comfort of your own home you will receive free coloring books each week.

Each week you will receive an exciting new coloring eBook.  Print out your new coloring book and start coloring immediately.  You will be receiving 4 coloring books per month to print out as many times as you like.

Exclusive invite to our Facebook community where you can share your finished art work with fellow adult colorists, gain inspiration from other member's finished pages, read weekly hints, tips and training.  Stay motivated and share your passion for coloring.

Weekly hints, tips and training to improve your coloring for when you may hit a plateau. Kick-start your inspiration or learn how to improve your current coloring skills.  Ability to post your questions for our resident artists' or fellow colorists to respond to.

The cost per coloring page and the ability to print unlimited times cannot be matched with the costs of buying new coloring books.  You have the flexibility to print on paper of your choice.  No more bleed marks or poor quality paper.

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Colorists Love Adult Coloring Club Membership

Ashley is a fellow colorist who found passion and a sense of peace along with calmness from coloring.

Using coloring to manage stress and an over active mind.  The inspiration behind the adult coloring community where we can all share  in this journey together.

What People Say About the Adult Coloring Club

Every week we receive feedback from our members.  Below is just a sample of the comments received from members.

I have such a busy active mind and have searched unsuccessfully to find ways to slow it down.  Adult coloring has been my savior and love getting a variety of pages each week to color.

Belinda Carvahlo

I have been getting frustrated with the quality of the pages in coloring books.  Now I can download and print on the paper I choose and use my Gel Pens without worrying.

Mark Hamilton

Really enjoying all the tips I am getting from the forum.  Also really interested in seeing how other members color in the same page I have.

Jessica Morris

My favorite past time is coloring and I just cannot wait each week to see what different pages are available with my membership.  I love that it forces me to try different types of pages that I normally wouldn't try.

Ann Wherry

Receive a free sample

An opportunity to receive a free digital coloring book

Each week members of the Adult Coloring Club receive a brand new 5 page coloring book.

The types of coloring pages vary each week from animals, ocean, mandalas, patterns, objects.

Once a month one of our lucky members will have the opportunity to request a page to be created based on their preference.

Click on the button below to download a free sample of this book now.

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Try our membership free for 14 days.  If you're not happy for any reason, simply cancel your membership and you will never be billed.  It couldn't be easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How does the 14 days free trial work?

Sign up for the Adult Coloring Club membership.  If at any time during the first 14 days you decide not to continue just cancel your subscription.  No questions asked.  Any you get to keep the coloring books.

How much does it cost?

The Adult Coloring Club membership is a cost effective and easy method of receiving coloring books each week.  We have various pricing options available  for you to choose from.  Plus if you cancel with the 14 day trail period you will not be charged.  See our pricing page for more information.

Can I see a sample of a digital coloring book?

Available is a free 14 day trial where you can download and keep two free digital coloring books.  Your's to keep completely free.

yes let me in

What are the benefits of coloring?

As coloring becomes more and more popular people are feeling the therapeutic benefits.   You will feel clam, de-stressed and your mind will be empty.  Coloring will cause your brain to focus on one thing: your coloring !  It is a great source of meditation.

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