adult coloring book, enchanted forest

Use a color palette to bring your coloring to life

I would love to say I am a wonderful artist and coloring comes natural.  Regretfully I am a left brain person and my creativity is something I have to work at it.

It was whilst I was reading some of the reviews on Amazon about the Enchanted Forest coloring book and a couple of people were commenting on how many leaves were in the book that I had an idea.   The color of trees and their leaves change with the seasons and I started to wonder if it was possible to capture this in my coloring.

I discovered these amazing color palettes on Canva Design School’s web site and I matched up my Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils. I was originally going to color the same picture twice and then I discovered the cover of the Enchanted Forest and used this.

adult coloring book, enchanted forest, coloring books for adults

Summer Tree Colors (Palette by Canva)

adult coloring book, coloring books for adults, coloring pages, enchanted forest

Autumn Tree Colors (Palette by Canva)


adult coloring book, enchanted forest

Enchanted Forest Cover Page

The pencils I used were Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils from their 36 pencils in a tin:

Spring Colors

  • Dark Phthalo Green (8200-264)
  • Emerald Green (8200-163)
  • Light Green (8200-171)
  • Raw Umber (8200-180)

Autumn Colors

  • Walnut Brown (8200-177)
  • Green Yellowish (8200-168)
  • Burnt Ochre (8200-187)
  • Dark Naples Ochre (8200-184)

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